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Creechurch Capital is a boutique investment manager based in the Isle of Man. We adhere to the highest standards of conduct and are licenced by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority. The Island is itself self-governing and operates with a high degree of legislative and political autonomy. It is not part of the United Kingdom or the European Union and has an independent legal system that follows English Law. The Island benefits from a very stable political regime, highly developed regulation and a mature financial services industry, which makes it an attractive location for offshore financial services.

We have an international presence and our company was borne out of a demand from discerning clients who are looking for a tailored service. We are able to offer a bespoke client service, focus on client needs and build long term relationships to give our clients peace of mind that their investments are in capable hands.

Our Services

As an independent investment house, we work with private and institutional clients, with relationships built on a comprehensive understanding of each individual’s long-term aims and appetite for risk.

At Creechurch we combine professional expertise with a structured approach to investment in order to achieve a range of individually tailored objectives. Firstly, our use of market-leading technology and a methodical approach, enables us to match investments to your acceptable level of risk. Secondly, our investment professionals engage with trusted market counterparties to stay abreast of opportunities globally.

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Quarterly Reporting & Investment Commentary

The security of a client’s assets is vital, and we work with a range of the client’s preferred custodians and platforms to ensure that investments are managed within a client’s preferred custody arrangement.

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