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Creechurch Capital has been acquired by the prominent Nayyar family firm, the Nayyar Group. This new chapter in the life of Creechurch aims to bring a new scope and vision to the business. Chris Hutton MBE ACA was appointed Chairman and Finance Director. Jim Dolan FCSI was appointed
Managing Director.

The Nayyar Group have a wealth of experience and expertise, and a determination to drive the business forward. Members of the Nayyar family are also shareholders of UK firm, Brookfield Partners Intl. Limited and owners of award-winning investment management firm FACET.

Jim Dolan has more than 25 years of experience working in the City of London during a successful career as an investment manager, including working closely with FACET as a Non-Executive Director. He will manage the Creechurch investment portfolios. Chris Hutton comes from a diverse background of sectors bringing a fresh perspective to the business.

Jim Dolan said: “For me it’s very simple, it’s all about demonstrating absolute returns to those investors that have previously put their trust in Creechurch and I see this as a fantastic opportunity to do exactly that, along with continuing to grow assets under management.”

Jaya Nayyar, a member of the family, said that while Creechurch and FACET are entirely separate businesses, the aim would be to replicate the success of FACET at the newly acquired Isle of Man business. She added: “Creechurch is a good name in the discretionary fund management industry and an excellent fit for our business. We look forward to building its success further.”

The Nayyar family founded and own the Nayyar Group which has expertise in various services including property management and development, land development, distressed assets and retail services. The Group’s objective, with all of its ventures, is to deliver successful development in a professional manner combined with the highest levels of commitment. FACET is a firm of investment and fund managers which has been helping clients navigate complex financial markets since 1979 and takes great pride in delivering absolute returns to its investors while maintaining a low to medium risk on investments.